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Currently, there is no single, complete WW2 casualties database – either online or offline.

More than 407,000 Americans died in service during World War II. Each month, more than a hundred thousand people search for an online database where they can look up information about those who died. Many are trying to find information about their own relatives.

After researching nearly two thousand military records sets relating to casualties of WWII and talking to thousands of people, I decided in 2016 to start building the database myself. Starting with a list of 20,000 names that I input by hand, plus a very small programming and design team, I have started to build the database, using my personal funds.

With the help of my very small U.S.-based team, we are adding to the list month by month. On launch day for the new database, we had nearly 100,000 names, plus rank, service number, branch of service, city, county, state, and a little bit of information about how they died, such as killed in action, died as POW, died of wounds, etc. And it’s not just a list of names – we’re building a searchable, sortable database. You can see, for example, how many servicemen from New York City were killed in WWII, then sort by rank to see how many of each rank from NY died in the war.

The problem: The cost of completing this database is far more than I can do on my own.

How can I help? You can help by pitching in, any amount, to help complete this project. You can contribute a one-time gift, or a recurring monthly gift of any amount. Every dollar counts.

This information that we are adding to this database is free for anyone to use – and always will be. As a professional researcher and owner of a very small business, contributions are considered “gifts” and are not tax deductible. But you can make a gift in honor of someone you care about, or in memory of someone who has passed away, or a veteran who survived World War II or any other conflict.

Thanks for any amount you can chip in toward making this dream a reality.

People ask me how long I’ll do this. To honor their sacrifice, I will do this forever.

Yours truly,

Bill Beigel

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