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Windy City Dive Poster by Jim Greco
Windy City Dive Poster by Jim Greco
Windy City Dive Poster by Jim Greco
Windy City Dive Poster by Jim Greco
Windy City Dive Poster by Jim Greco
Windy City Dive Poster by Jim Greco

“Windy City”

Back on April 21, in a post called “Three Sprained Ankles“, I blogged about “Windy City,” a B-24 downed on June 6, 1944.

Jim Greco, the son of a man who flew in “Windy City” (but not on June 6, 1944 mission) has created some excellent artwork of this B-24 Liberator, which I am honored to post here. Jim also sent along a photo of his father, August J (Gus) Greco. Gus flew for Crew 19 of the 451st Bomb Group (Castelluccio Airfield, Italy). Although injuring his back in a crash landing on May 10, 1944 (Gus and the rest of the crew parachuted from the plane over their base), while the pilot, Lieutenant Fred Fulton safely landed the bomber, Gus successfully completed his assigned slate of missions.

Crews flying the heavy bombers (B-17, B-24, and B-29) often flew in whichever aircraft was ready, not exclusively in “their” plane.  I advise my clients that the best way to determine which men flew on which missions is for me to check the loading lists that were created for each specific bomber.

Thanks again to Jim Greco for writing in and sharing his artwork.


  1. Jimmy PalazzoloJimmy Palazzolo02-14-2016

    My late father, Sam T Palazzolo, was trained as a waist gunner on a Liberator. I have a picture on him and the crew in front of a B-24A. He attended Center College in KY, Kessler Filed in MS and washed out as a pilot at The Southern Aviation School in Camden SC after his third Stearman PT 17 crack-up in Mar 1944. He said his unit was disbanded as the war was ending, so he never served oversees. Based on comments by his departed brother, a USAAF mechanic, dad flew a plane called “Windy City II”. Dad’s service records were destroyed in the massive fire that occured a while back. The dates mentioned in your article re the WCII’s record don’t jive with what I know about Dad’s service BUT Is there any way of knowing the crew of the WCII before she served in Italy? We, the family of Sam T Palazzolo would be most grateful for your help!

    Jimmy T Palazzolo

  2. Terry McGinnTerry McGinn10-04-2017

    My father, Willard McGinn was in the Army Air Force (15th air force, 451st Bombardment Group, 724th Squadron, Crew 13 ). He was the nose gunner of the “windy city” when it was shot down in WWII. They when down on July 28, 1944 in Yugoslavia.
    He said while he was there, they meet up with some men that looked like natives. He said, “They talked English and they were Americans. They told us they had been shot down three months before. One of the men asked us the name of the plane that we went down in was called. We said, “Windy City”. They said that was not possible because that was the name of their plane. We decided that when the first one went down, someone named another plane Windy City”.

  3. Tom SolarTom Solar11-11-2017

    My uncle, Phil Darr was a pilot in Windy City just prior to the battle of the bulge.

    • Bill BeigelBill Beigel11-11-2017

      Hello Tom: good to hear of your uncle’s service. Did he survive the War? Best regards, Bill

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