Marines Unit Records Research

The U.S. Marine Corps suffered enormous casualties during the Pacific campaigns of World War II. The Corps’ unit and individual records provide a very detailed look at the service and sacrifice of Marines who served and came home, as well as those who served and died.

Expert researcher and WWII historian Bill Beigel can conduct a thorough search of all available Marine unit records to help you discover information at the unit level, or concerning one or more individuals who served in the Marines during World War II.

Please click on one of the unit names below to request research assistance in locating WWII U.S. Marine Corps records. This list is in development, so if you don’t see the unit you’re looking for, click on any unit name below and type in the correct name in the form page that follows.

Unit NameUnit Name
10th Amphibious Tractor Battalion9th Marine Regiment
12th Marine RegimentCactus Air Force
14th Marine RegimentMAG-11
1st Marine DivisionMarine Air Group
1st Marine RegimentVMF-111
1st Marine Tank BattalionVMF-112
1st Raider BattalionVMF-121
20th Marine RegimentVMSB-132
21st Marine RegimentVMSB-243
22nd Marine RegimentVMSB-244
23rd Marine RegimentVMSB-245
24th Marine RegimentVMSB-342
25th Marine RegimentVMSB-343
26th Marine RegimentVMSB-344
28th Marine RegimentVMSB-474
29th Marine RegimentVMSB-484
2nd Armored Amphibious BattalionVMSB-931
2nd Marine DivisionVMSB-932
2nd Marine RegimentVMSB-933
3rd Infantry DivisionVMSB-943
3rd Marine DivisionVMSB-944
4th Marine DivisionVMTB-151
4th Marine RegimentVMTB-341
5th Marine DivisionVMTB-454
5th Marine RegimentVMTB-621
6th Marine DivisionVMTB-622
6th Marine RegimentVMTB-623
7th Marine RegimentVMTB-624
8th Marine Regiment