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Bill’s WW2 Almanac for January 21: Featuring Col. Randy’s Flying Circus

These entries are from my World War II Almanac for January 21 (1944 - 1945). Alley, Archie D., 1st LT, 1030th Army Air Force Base Unit, died of 1/21/45 of “tumor cerebella involving the left hemisphere” at the AAF Convalescent Hospital, Santa Ana, CA, copy of “Physical Examination for Flying” results, possibly serving as an instructor in a training squadron (Austin, TX) Barszcz, Regina, PFC, WAC, Detachment Buffalo AAA, died 1/21/44 of brain inflammation at Fort Dix, NJ,...
Enterprise 13
Enterprise 13
Enterprise 13

Bill Beigel’s WWII Almanac for January 15

By now you might have found the interactive calendar feature in my new web site. It's my WWII Almanac. After more than a decade of researching American military casualties from WWII, I created a log of all of the individuals that I've researched. They're all listed in my Almanac by the date of their death with a summary of how they died and some other details. There is far more to their stories than I can put into the Almanac; in most cases, only I and a small handful of others know these...