Bill writes about: Short Stories


The Last Tight Mountain Turn

by Bill Beigel The jeep sped around the last of the tight mountain turns, and soon was making great time along the road that crossed the alluvial fan at the base of Monte della Torraccia.  He’d probably be back in time for dinner in the mess tent. He looked forward to some good strong black coffee. Everything looked the same to Staff Sergeant Keyes as he passed the Brazilian field artillery battalion and the Canadian aid station. He slowed down the vehicle to make the final turn...
Pebbles In Water1

Simmons’ Creek

by Bill Beigel Walking the beach at dawn is a habit. There are many places where I can find a crescent ring of tiny shells. The shells are embedded and enmeshed in a tangled mass of sea grass and feathers and dark, coarse sand. They are nearly hidden. But when the sun is just right, the shells shine out to me. I have picked up many handfuls, but usually end up tossing them back into the ocean. I enjoy the small splash they cause, and the ripples that tickle the surface for a few...