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World War II Military & Casualty Records Research

Professional WW2 Researcher and Historian Bill Beigel provides military records research services to veterans’ families, genealogists, historians, authors, community members, veterans themselves, and others who are looking for information found in WW2 military records. A highly skilled researcher and qualified historian, Bill’s interpretive skills are invaluable to his clients in understanding complex and often emotionally-gripping military files. To date, Bill has researched nearly two thousand individual military files from World War II, for well over a thousand clients.

Bill Beigel researches American veterans who served and survived the war, as well as those who became WW2 casualties. You do not need to be a relative of a veteran to request a search of military records from World War II.

All research requests submitted through this site will receive a direct response, usually the day they are submitted. Bill tries to respond to all requests within 24 hours.

World War II Casualties

Currently, there is no single database containing a list of all Americans killed or missing and unrecovered from World War II. To complicate matters, millions of US military service records were destroyed by fire at the National Personnel Records Center in 1973.

Bill Beigel has created a searchable online database that eventually will hold the names and other vital information for all 407,000 American WW2 casualties. The database is live and free for anyone to access. Search results can be sorted on a number of fields, such as City, County, State, Rank, or Branch of Service, providing rich insights on Americans who served and gave their lives for freedom. Bill Beigel’s WW2 Casualties Database is a work in progress;  more names will be added each month until the database is complete. Please click the button below to start your search.

Request a Research Quote: To request a research quote from Bill Beigel of all military records on an individual veteran (or group) who served in World War II and returned from the war, please complete this form.

Search by Unit: Click the buttons below to access Bill Beigel’s unit and vessel listings for each branch of service. Through these links, you may submit a research inquiry for an individual’s military service history. If you do not find the unit or vessel you are looking for, please click on any name within your desired branch of service and type the appropriate unit name.

There is no cost to submit a research request or discuss your project with Bill Beigel; you do not need to be a relative to initiate a research request for WW2 military records or casualty files. For more information on Bill’s research services, please visit his Services & Rates page.

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To search an alphabetical list of WW2 casualties by name, you may click this link. For a richer user experience and more information, please visit Bill Beigel’s WW2 Casualties Database.