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Author Bill Beigel

Bill Beigel has recently completed his first novel, which is currently undergoing editorial review. The novel will appeal to fans of historical fiction and family drama, as well as to Bill’s clients, veterans and their families, and war buffs. This work is an American war story not often told. It is his first book.

In a novel of 84,000 words, Bill tells the story of Jack McHenry, an American airman who is furious at being denied a pilot’s position during World War 2.  When his B-24 “Liberator”  is hit on a mission over Austria late in 1944, Jack wrestles control of the aircraft from the pilot, a professor’s son who seems more interested in quoting Virgil than flying a heavy bomber.  The results are disastrous for the whole crew, save Jack himself.  Back home in post-war America, Jack crisscrosses the country to provide answers to the families of his crewmates, all the while holding back what really happened that day in the freezing cold air at 18,000 feet.  Twenty years later, it is left to Jack’s daughter to piece together the story — and to offer the absolution that Jack could never give himself.

Bill also writes gripping short stories and poems, samples of which you will be treated to within this site.

For nearly twenty years, Bill Beigel has worked as a professional researcher of American World War 2, Korean and Vietnam War military and casualty records, helping the families and descendants of the men who were killed to recover the stories of their loved one’s death. Even decades later, the yearning to know “what really happened” is intense, and no matter what he uncovers, the relief and sense of closure is always palpable.  His list of clients, which includes individuals, civic, genealogical, and academic groups spans the United States, Britain, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Turkey, Hong Kong, Canada, and other countries.

Bill’s work has been featured on KCET’s ‘Life and Times’ program, as well as on the “Fox and Friends” 60th anniversary of D-Day special in 2004; KCBS and KTTV-TV’s ‘Mid-Day Sunday’ program. In print media, Bill’s work has appeared  in USA Today; the UCLA MagazineSan Diego Union Tribune, Long Beach Press Telegram, UCLA Daily Bruin, and the South Bay Daily Breeze and numerous other media outlets (read the articles in Bill’s Press section).

Bill’s research work is referenced in several books and publications, notably “Youth, the First Victim of War,” by Paul Edlund, the sole survivor from a downed B-24 crew researched by Bill Beigel. Paul Edlund’s book is available on Amazon.com.

Bill is a graduate of UCLA (BA, History, 1980; MA, Geography, 1983) and now lives in Torrance, CA with his wife Dawn, his college sweetheart, and an old Buick (currently under review by his publicist). Bill and Dawn have successfully raised two fabulous individuals.