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Shambala Edition – Research Tour Travelog

My first full day on this interstate hunting expedition. Up at 5:45 AM. Cool in Williams, AZ, probably about 55 degrees. The complimentary breakfast in the hotel reminded me me of sleeping over at a friend’s house and then having breakfast with his family the next morning. And, in keeping with the ideal of providing the best service to my clients at the lowest reasonable cost, my breakfast consisted of a small bowl of raisin bran, orange juice, and a tiny red apple. Don’t ask me how eating a small breakfast that is free is better than eating a large breakfast that is also free saves my clients money, but it sounds like I’m making more of an effort.

I’m working with a reporter in New Jersey for an upcoming story in the Press-Courier, so I found time to send her brief stories of veterans I’ve researched (affectionately referred to as “my guys”) who were killed in WW2 from Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Ocean Counties.

I also prepared research proposals for clients seeking:

  • 2nd LT Stanley W. Browne, killed in Normandy, June 7, 1944
  • 2nd LT Desmond Creed, downed over Burma

East of the Meteor Crater site in Arizona temperature was a perfect 82 degrees, and I was serenaded by Three Dog Night’s “Road to Shambala.”

West of Holbrook, AZ, stopped at a truck stop for gas. Walked by a gentleman speaking into his cell:

You know what I think? It is time for you to go to the bathroom and really think about things.”

Heavy rain at the 349 mile marker on I-40 east; vehicles had to slow down and the rain was filling up the grooves in the highway asphalt. Music playing at the time was the Killer’s cover of the old classic “Don’t Fence Me In.”

While approaching Cline’s Corners (I-40 and  US 285) New Mexico, I was compelled by the huge number of “EXIT NOW” signs to check it out.  Consider it a very poor man’s version of Wall Drug, in South Dakota. Worse, the general store did not stock the “Pink Lady” brand of bubble gum cigar I coveted.

Saw a large, beautiful herd of antelope at the 236 mile marker on I-40 east.

Now watching lightning strikes from my hotel room in Santa Rosa, NM.


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