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Calling all selfies! #NoOneLeftBehind

If you’ve been reading my blog and my newsletters lately, you’re aware of the ongoing struggles by families trying to bring home their war dead from U.S. foreign wars.

It’s important to me that people know that hundreds – more likely thousands – of the people we’re trying to bring home are not in unreachable locations. It’s that the people who are in charge of charged with locating and bringing home our dead from previous wars aren’t doing their duty to those who sacrificed their lives, their futures, and gave it all for our freedom. These were mostly guys who died in the twenties. It’s tragic that they lost their lives defending us. It’s unspeakable that we can’t bring them home.

You can learn a lot more by reading this recent article in Stars and Stripes: POW/MIA groups ask Congress to investigate JPAC reorganization

But you can help! And you can help by doing something that you already love doing.

Calling All Selfies!

Email me your picture holding a sign that says “#No One Left Behind.” If you have a relative who is still MIA from an American overseas war, or if you have a loved-one currently serving overseas, write their name on your sign as well.

Email your photo to me at: and post it to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you do it soon, you can be part of my upcoming video to help bring them home.

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Please share, promote, and let’s bring them home!

To honor their sacrifice,


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