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The Kintz Brothers of Downey High School, Downey, CA


Frank J. Kintz, Jr., born May 8, 1920 and Robert E. Kintz, born January 21, 1922, were brothers from Downey, California. With World War 2 on the horizon, both young men volunteered for the Army Air Corps.  Frank enlisted on February 13, 1940 and was followed about five months later by Robert, who enlisted on June 23, 1940.

They were serving together in the Philippines, Frank with the 27th Materiel Squadron and Robert with the 17th Signal Platoon, when the islands were captured by the Japanese in 1942. Both men endured the dreadful Bataan Death March and were held captive at the infamous Carbanatuan Camp on Luzon. Sickness and starvation were rampant.  On June 13, 1942, Robert succumbed to malaria, and 15 days later, on the 28th, his brother Frank died of the mix of malaria and dysentery.

Burials at the camp were haphazard at best and record-keeping almost non-existent.  While the remains of Frank were found by the American Graves Registration Service after the War, no trace of the remains of Robert were ever located.

Frank Kintz is buried at the Fort McKinley Cemetery in Manila, where his brother, Robert Kintz, is listed on the Tablets of the Missing.

Below is a video of the CBS2 News story, featuring my research work with Principal Tom Houts of Downey High School.


  1. SharonSharon04-13-2014

    This is a wonderful gift to the students. Is there any plans to remember other veterans who have died in other wars? I wish they had this in a public area so that people who lived during that time could see it. I have friends who died in the Vietnam war, and Desert Storm. As far as I know there is nothing at their high schools remembering their sacrifice.

    • Bill BeigelBill Beigel03-31-2015

      Hi Sharon:

      I would contact the principal at Downey HS (Tom Houts) and ask him if you can visit the school.

      Perhaps you can contact the school in which you’re interested and start the ball rolling there. Please let me know if I can be of any
      further assistance.

      Best, Bill

  2. JerryJerry07-29-2014

    Bill, your short article on the Kintz brothers seems to contradict itself. You mention that Robert’s remains were never found but Frank’s were found and buried in Manila then you say that Robert was buried and Frank is on the list of missing.

    • Bill BeigelBill Beigel03-31-2015

      Hi Jerry:

      Sharp eyes!

      Yes, Frank’s remains were recovered and are buried at the US Military Cemetery in Manila; the remains of Robert were never recovered.

      Thanks for taking the time to point this out.

      Best regards, Bill

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