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Patchwork By Bagting

The Almost Found Cities of America

by Bill Beigel
The almost found cities of America

Decker-Buffalo-Deer Creek-Cutler-


Tetersburg-Star City-Freeland Park


What is this fabric

What is this quilt that our mothers and fathers have woven

Over the fields and woods and prairie

Now made highways and farms and corner stores and old war monuments



A way of life, a way of hearing the wind

That is not so changed from those who came before


Odon-Hanover-Spraytown-New Richmond

I’m passing your roads and your homes

And though yours is one and mine is another

They may yet merge in the valley of the Wabash or the Kankakee

On a late summer afternoon before it rains


Uniontown-Center Square-Sheridan-Clarks Hill-

Home isn’t where they have to take you in; instead

Home is Greenville and Yeddo and Honeyville and Cold Springs

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